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Whenever someone searches for a Geordie website, naturally they will enter the keyword and then usually the topic line they are looking for, ( i.e. Geordie History or Geordie Sport ) fully expecting to be able to view relevant information regarding the historical, cultural or even or sporting way of life in and around the Geordie cities of Durham & Newcastle Upon Tyne and the surrounding towns & villages of Northumberland & Tyneside.

Generally though, that is not what occurs, instead we will get a few excellent & relevant websites & web pages mixed in with hundreds if not thousands of web links that have little to do with Geordies or even in fact the area fondly known locally and around the world as Geordieland.


That’s where the Geordie directory comes in, because much of the excellent information can now be accessed by simply clicking on the many and varied picture and text links highlighted throughout our various directory sections.

Enjoy !! :D

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Frequently Asked Questions

From time to time we are asked questions relating to the directory and decided we would list a few of the most frequent ones below. Q. What made you decide to use HawayTheLads/HowayTheLads.Com as the directory web address (URL) ? Howay or Haway no matter how it is pronounced means “come on” in the Geordie …

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Due to a deluge of spam comments, we are currently moderating out all the spam comments and cataloguing the IP addresses of the people who are making them in order to protect our future visitors from future spam links. Please use the comment form below to leave your own greeting —————————————————————————————————————-

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This compliancy policy is in force whether the link is requested via our contact form or links placed by users in our forums and community sections. Please do us the courtesy of refraining from adding spam posts to our forums and joining purely with the intention of doing so. We love receiving requests to link …

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Charity Fundraiser Tony The Fridge

Relentless Geordie Fund Raiser Tony The Fridge

Relentless charity fund raiser and Geordie, Tony The Fridge who uses extreme feats of physical endurance to raise awareness and money in the battle against cancer. He describes himself as ”an ordinary man doing extra-ordinary things” However what this amazing Geordie from South Tyneside does is anything other than ordinary, because, he raises money for charities including the Bobby Robson …

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Taking The Pee Out Of Newcastle

Urine used to be Newcastle’s third biggest export after coal and beer and some reports even suggest it was the biggest of them all. Urine, which was collected from public urinals or barrels in the city was used for a variety of things at different times throughout the city’s history –  including as ballast in ships, a stripping …

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