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A Song For All The Geordies Who Hope To Be Coming Home – Ronnie Lambert RIP

The Geordie song “Coming Home Newcastle” written and sung (*live) in the video below by a local Gateshead lad affectionately known as Busker (Ronnie Lambert) The song perfectly captures why the Geordie people have so much pride in and love “coming home” to their beloved Newcastle. *Sadly, Geordie Ronnie Lambert is no longer with us, but will be remembered as the …

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Future Geordie Folk Songs?

Could any of the following songs, sung by Geordie folk singer Ronnie Lambert, become future Geordie folk songs? Ronnie, who is sadly no longer with us, was most famous for his iconic Geordie folk song “Coming Home Newcastle”. Or what about the Mark Knopfler’s classic Why Aye Man or even Jimmy Nail & Sting Singing Water’s …

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