A Great Big Thank You To All The Staff Of North Tyneside General & Freeman Hospital

A few of you might have noticed that I have not been around and updating the directory since the start of 2012 ans as often as i usually do. This is because I recently needed to get a bit of emergency care at North Tyneside General Hospital & then some surgery at Freeman Hospital in Newcastle.

I would like to take the earliest opportunity to thank ALL the fantastic Nurses, Doctors, Surgeons & Staff who looked after me so well during my stay at both hospitals.

During my stay, I was treat with kindness & respect throughout and the treatment was/seems to be very successful so far.

I also had the chance to observe the treatment of other patients who were also treat with the same kindness & respect  ( no matter how grumpy some of them were 😛 )

Sometimes it is forgotten that the lads and lasses working in the NHS are just like the rest of us, with normal family life trials & tribulations going on while they are caring for others. Somehow though they ( mostly 😛 ) manage to put that to the back of their mind while they treat us to a smile and a few kind words.

So once again a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all the brilliant Geordie lads “n” lasses who cared for me during the last 7 days 🙂

Geordie H

P.S. Thanks also to the fellow patients ( you know who you are :)) who helped me get through the treatment with a smile on my face when it was least expected and please pass on my thanks (or a link to this post) to anyone you know who works in either the rake lane or freeman hospital.

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