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Links Compliance

This compliancy policy is in force whether the link is requested via our contact form or links placed by users in our forums and community sections.

Please do us the courtesy of refraining from adding spam posts to our forums and joining purely with the intention of doing so.

We love receiving requests to

  • link to Geordie orientated websites.
  • link to Geordie orientated website content.
  • link to Geordie orientated videos, graphics & pictures.

We do not allow nor want

  • links to content  that promotes firearms or weapons of any kind.
  • links to websites that promote tobacco or tobacco products
  • links to content that promotes products and services that facilitate deception.
  • links to web sites that feature predominantly adult content.
  • links to pornography websites
  • links to gambling websites
  • links to health or natural health products
  • links to Illegal substances and activities

Any person adding links that contravene any of the above activities will be banned from further participation in our forums and community sections and their email, website and IP address reported to the relevant internet spam filters & (in the case of serious misconduct) we will take the time to also report the problem to the relevant IP provider.

We reserve the right to remove any link at any time for any reason.

Please report any links that you think break the guidelines shown above.