Auf Wiedersehen Pet – That’s Living All Right

Auf Wiedersehen Pet first touched our  Geordie humour receptors (and that of many others) when it appeared on TV screens in 1983.

It made household stars of Geordies Jimmy Nail, Kevin Whately (aka Lewis) and Tim Healy as the 3 main Geordie characters of Dennis, Oz & Neville. The series was co-written by  Geordie writer Ian Le Frenais.

The humour on display was a perfect example of Geordie’s making fun of themselves.

The first series finished as far back as 1986 and when the writers decided to bring it back it was still as popular as the first series. You can listen to an interview with the writers in a BBC real media audio clip that is available here

Mark Knopfler created a special song called “Why Aye Man” after the world famous Geordie catchphrase which he sung live with Jimmy Nail.

The following short video introduces or re-introduces you to the main cast of Auf Wiedersehen Pet and the famous series theme tune “that’s living all right”.

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    • Smudge on October 10, 2010 at 8:30 pm
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    One of the best Geordie TV series ever 🙂

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