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A Song For All The Geordies Who Hope To Be Coming Home – Ronnie Lambert RIP

The Geordie song “Coming Home Newcastle” written and sung (*live) in the video below by a local Gateshead lad affectionately known as Busker (Ronnie Lambert) The song perfectly captures why the Geordie people have so much pride in and love “coming home” to their beloved Newcastle. *Sadly, Geordie Ronnie Lambert is no longer with us, but will be remembered as the …

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Graffiti Art In Gateshead

Exhibition at the Baltic Centre on the Gateshead side of the Newcastle quayside which allowed graffiti artists to show their talents to the Geordie public.

The Seven Bridges Over The River Tyne

The following video shows the diversity of Geordie architectural design & building when it comes to the various ways of crossing the Tyne river in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Unfortunately, the music that accompanied the video has been taken down, however, that does not detract from the time and effort put in by the producer to share …

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Paul “Gazza” Gascoigne – Geordie Pop Star – Fog On The Tyne

Football legend Paul “Gazza” Gascoigne once tried his hand at becoming a pop star. In the following videos you can see how accomplished he became as he sings the classic Geordie pop song, fog on the Tyne, made famous by lindisfarne, which he followed up with a rap song called Geordie boys.   «« Back To Geordie …

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Paul Gascoigne Documentary – Gazza’s Coming Home

Gazza’s Coming Home is a documentary showing a year in the life of Geordie football legend Paul Gascoigne after he returned home to England in 1995, after spending three mostly unhappy years and a suffering a broken leg while playing for Lazio.