Category: Geordie Humour

Bill Bailey – Parodies A Geordie In Columbia

TV “comic” Bill Bailey parodying a Geordie who seems to be confused between Columbia & British Columbia.

Geordie Girls Are More Fun – Warning – Blatant Geordie Humour May Offend !!

A Pregnant Geordie lass goes into a shoe shop and asks for help from the assistant, who get’s much more than she bargained for 😀

Bobby Robson – Probably The Best Pub Football Manager In The World

Geordies, Peter Beardsley, Jack & Bobby Charlton, Chris Waddle & Bryan Robson are just a few of the football legends playing for Sir Bobby Robson probably the best pub football manager in the world.  

Geordie & The Foul Mouthed Parrot

Geordie’s parrot would not stop swearing and one day in a fit of temper he put it in the freezer and told it that it was not getting out until it stopped using foul language. When the swearing eventually stopped, Geordie opened the freezer and the parrot said, “Alreet man, a’l stop swearing, but a have one question, … what the hell did the turkey do?” 😀

Geordie Windaz Too Thoosand

I remember seeing this excellent spoof of microsoft’s windows operating system, however, I havent seen any Windaz updates since then. Has anybody else come across a different version on their travels around the web? If so please use the comment form below to tell us the link. Click for larger image