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Chris and Simon Donald – Viz Comic Creators Of Geordie Characters Sid The Sexist & Biffa Bacon

Geordie Chris Donald along with his brother Simon Donald had a love for satire and cartoons which resulted in the creation of the Viz comic. The two Geordie’s put the comic together initially in a bedroom in Jesmond just outside the Newcastle City Centre, and it went on to become the third biggest selling magazine in the UK. Famous for it’s …

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The Best Salesmen Are Geordies – A Fishy Tale

Geordie moved to London and went to Harrods looking for a sales job. Mohamed Al Fayed was doing the interviews and asked Geordie whether he had any sales experience?” Well ah was a canny salesman back in Newcastle, but the firm closed down so ah thought I’d try me luck in London”.  After a few more questions …

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The Risks Of Too Much Newcastle Brown Ale

Researchers at Newcastle University have released the results of  recent analysis that revealed the presence of female hormones in Newcastle Brown Ale. Geordie Men should take a concerned look at their brown ale consumption, because a new theory suggests that because the beer contains female hormones (hops contain phytoeostrogens) Geordies who drink to much of the popular ale …

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How To Tell If You’re A Geordie

You know your a Geordie if         The metro is both a train & somewhere where you buy stuff You used to or still do pray to the Gods Shearer, Keegan & Robson You often end some of your sentences with “man” or “like” You’re not taking the mickey when you say “Why Aye Man” If your a lass Cheryl …

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Geordie Bin Laden Living Alright

Even Osama Bin Laden isn’t safe from Geordie satirists In the following video he appears to be safe and well and letting us all know he is “Living Alright” by singing the Geordie song we all know so well from Auf Wiedersehen Pet.