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Geordie Music Legends Jimmy Nail & Sting Sing Water’s Of Tyne

Back to future Geordie Folk Songs Geordie music legends Jimmy Nail & Sting singing the folk song Waters Of Tyne along with stunning pictures of the Geordie region. «« Geordie Folk Songs

Tyneside Music Legend Sting Sings Message In A Bottle

Memories of 1988 with one of the Worlds greatest Rockstars & Tyneside’s very own, Gordon Sumner (aka Sting) performing “Message In A Bottle” during a concert to celebrate South Africa’s President Nelson Mandela’s birthday in 1988.

Mark Knopfler & Jimmy Nail Sing “Why Aye Man”

Back to future Geordie Folk Songs Mark Knopfler & Jimmy Nail Singing “Why Aye Man”

Yet Another Geordie Christmas

More than 20 years since it was released by Phil Murray, the song “Another Geordie Christmas” has been recorded by the Broadway Cast of Billy Elliot in the USA, for the charity Broadway Cares, Equity Fights Aids. Using a 14 piece orchestra and 24 professional singers, the production is a far cry from that originally …

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The Jarrow March – C’mon Follow the Geordie Boys

The 1930’s depression brought major unemployment to the north east, causing great hardship and even starvation, to out of work miners, ship workers and their families. In a courageous but as it turned out vain attempt to bring an end to this hardship, 200 men with no food or money started a long and arduous 280 mile, 22 day walk from …

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