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I Might Be From Durham, But I’m Still A Geordie

A t-shirt especially designed for those who are tired of being told they can’t be Geordies because they come from Durham. Wear it with pride & take your Geordie heritage back from the football gangsters 😀 Back design: Durham Flag + Durham Geordies !! Front design: I might be from Durham but I’m still a …

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Geordie Icons – Picture Prints, Posters & Framed Art

This post is intended to highlight lots of examples of various Geordie icon art posters, art prints, canvas prints and limited edition prints which have been made available to purchase from various artists & photographers from all over the world.

Geordie Bumper Stickers – Give A Gift To Your Car

Let other road users know who you are with a Geordie bumper sticker featuring favourite Geordie phrases such as         Ya Alreet Pet? Divvent Dunsh Us – We’re Geordies! Am Deed Clivvor Me Man CannyBairn G EOR D1E

Cheer Up Your Mate With A Proper Geordie Greeting Card

Cheer up your mate on special occasions with a proper Geordie greeting featuring some well known Geordie phrases. Geordie Greetings Cards: Chose from the various greeting cards shown in the flash panel below (buy cards in bulk from as little as £1.05 each) Geordie Christmas Gifts » »

Little Laddie & Lassie Geordie T-Shirt

Grown up Geordie’s aren’t the only ones who can display their pride in being a Geordie because these little lassie & little laddie t-shirts are aimed at the littlest Geordies.