Chris and Simon Donald – Viz Comic Creators Of Geordie Characters Sid The Sexist & Biffa Bacon

Geordie Chris Donald along with his brother Simon Donald had a love for satire and cartoons which resulted in the creation of the Viz comic.

The two Geordie’s put the comic together initially in a bedroom in Jesmond just outside the Newcastle City Centre, and it went on to become the third biggest selling magazine in the UK.

Famous for it’s somewhat stereotypical look at the Geordie culture its popularity was mainly due to it’s rich mixture of comical toilet humour, satire & crude sexist language.

(*you have been warned*)

It also though, contains a great deal of very subtle and intelligent humour which of course us Geordies perfectly understand 🙂 .

Characters such a Sid The Sexist & Biffa Bacon to name just two 🙂

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