I Might Be From Durham, But I’m Still A Geordie

A t-shirt especially designed for those who are tired of being told they can’t be Geordies because they come from Durham.

Wear it with pride & take your Geordie heritage back from the football gangsters 😀

Back design: Durham Flag + Durham Geordies !!

Front design: I might be from Durham but I’m still a Geordie !!



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  1. Geordie Sandy

    What if you live south of the Tyne but north of Newcastle? Like South Shields is? We’re all Geordies end of.

    1. Geordie H

      Yeh Well Said !! End Of 😀

  2. lilian moore

    Geordies only come from North of the Tyne, no matter what you say.

    1. Geordie Directory

      So what about people in Gateshead? Jarrow? Hebburn & what about the great Sir Bobby Robson, born in Durham, who was without doubt always a proud Geordie.

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