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Geordie Folk Songs & Music – Howay Lads “n” Lasses Sing Weh A Song

Geordie folk are still interested in the songs that were sang in the theatres and fairs of old Geordieland, the songs portray a life set in the historic industrial , seafaring, fishing and farming communities of Northumberland, Durham & Tyneside.

In this section we will highlight the best available links which will allow you to experience these great folk songs and monologues.

For your convenience links are set to open in a new window, simply close the window when your done and move on to the next highlighted link.

Two of the most famous of these songs are of course Geordie Ridley’s -The Blaydon Races and “Dance Ti Thy Daddy“.

Much has been written about the most popular Geordie folk songs and tales, so instead of simply repeating what has already been said we will link you to some of the excellent information that is already available.

These links may/will include existing mp3/4 downloads, interactive web pages and video links as well as examples of what could become the Geordie folk songs of the future.


We used to link to the following folk songs, however the websites they were on have now dissapeared from the net. Luckily at the time we saved them to listen to later :)



Dance Ti’ Thy Daddy Till The Boat Comes In

Dance Ti Thy Daddy is a traditional Northumbrian folk song to celebrate the fishermen of the area, made popular  when it became the theme tune for a 1970’s Television show called When The Boat Comes In. Dance Ti’ Thy Daddy Come here, maw little Jacky, Now aw’ve smok’d mi backy, Let’s hev a bit o’ cracky, Till the boat comes …

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aka Busker

Future Geordie Folk Songs?

Could any of the following songs sung by Geordie folk singer Ronnie Lambert, who was most famous for his iconic Geordie folk song “Coming Home”, become future Geordie folk songs? Or what about the Mark Knopfler’s classic Why Aye Man or even Jimmy Nail & Sting Singing Water’s Of Tyne, could these become the most …

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Geordie Ridley’s – The Blaydon Races “Thev gorra canny day fer it”

Geordie Ridley one of Geordielands most famous folk singers tells of the history of one of the most famous Geordie folk songs. Now that you have learnt the history of the song, watch Jimmy Nail, Tim Healy & Kevin Whately Sing The Blaydon Races I went to Blaydon Races,Twas on the ninth of June Eighteen Hundred …

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  1. Lyle

    Keep Your Feet Still Geordie Hinny its not “Dinna” drive me bonny dreams away, (Sunderland) its “Divint” drive me bonny dreams away (Newcastle)

  2. Yvonne Brown

    Does anyone have or know where I could download a professional version of ‘Bonny Tyneside’ . I need it for a funeral.

  3. Grace

    I’m trying to find a recording of “the traveling candy man” I found a link to ASAPlive-radio farne where they have Reece Elliot listed as singing it – but I can’t get it to work. Do you know where I can find?

  4. Geordie H

    On Behalf of George William ( Bill ) Jones

    My wife was in the Whitley Bay girls Choir 1954/6 time when they recorded for the BBC the song ” Cullercoats Bay” .Could you tell me if there are any recordings of this song ?? I would like to have a copy on disc.

    Bill Jones

    1. Paul Colman

      Hi Bill did you manage to get a copy of the disc with Cullercoats Bay on. My mother was also in the Whitley Bay girls choir 1954/6. She has just passed away and was hoping to plat it at her funeral

      Paul Colman

      1. Geordie H

        Sorry this comment took 2 days to approve … especially because of your recent loss Paul … life gets in the way of things sometimes, but I hope there is still time to find the answer … Twitter please help out here …

  5. John Lewis

    Tie The Boat Down

  6. John Lewis

    Sir Bobby’s Song.

  7. Geordie H

    On behalf of Siobhan Coogan

    Jez Lowe’s song about Jack Common is surely worth putting in folk songs list brilliant

  8. Geoff53

    I have just purchased the DVD big river The Tyne is anyone aware if a song featured, Canny Tyneside is available on cd or mp3, born a geordie always a geordie, even living in lincs despite Mrs T, who forced a lot to move south

  9. Rachel

    When I was little my granny (mothers gran) used to sing ‘The Water of Tyne’ to me.

    It’s one of my favourite songs still. I sing it to her now and she loves hearing it. she cries every time. 

    Here is a link to a choral version of Water Of Tyne, although I think its beautiful when its sang as an unaccompanied solo.

    I Hope you like it as much as I do xxx

  10. John

    Sorry to see you don’t give a mention to one of the most iconic modern Geordie folk songs – “Sir Bobby’s Song”.

    Yup, I have a vested interest, I wrote it with my partner and I recorded and performed it.

    You can listen here: Link not available – see video above

    1. Geordie H

      Good to see you put that right John, vested interest or not … brilliant song :)

  11. Zoe

    Re Busker

    My parents definitely have Coming Home Newcastle on single and it has the words on the cover; I’ll ask them to dig it out but from memory it goes something like (couplets not necessarily in right order!)

    I had to come to London, ‘cos I could’nt find a job
    I don’t intend to stay long if I make a few quick bob

    It’s cold up there in summer, it’s like sitting inside a fridge
    But I wish I was on the Quayside, looking at the old Tyne Bridge

    (Not sure which lines go where in song, chorus varies)

    I’m coming home Newcastle, I wish I’d never been away
    I’d kiss the ground for the welcome sound of me mother saying hinney haway

    I’m coming home Newcastle you can keep your London wine
    I’d walk the streets all day all neet for a bottle of the River Tyne

    (And another one about a bottle of your own brown ale, and another about being at the Gallowgate end in the rain)

    I miss the old blind busker, who stands at Fenwick’s door
    He plays a mean archordian, you’ve all seen him there before

    Sorry, that’s all I can recall off-hand (but not too shabby for 30 oddyears ago!). Hopefully it’ll jog a few memories to fill in the gaps (and I’ll try to find my parents’ single and repost)

  12. Geordie H

    On Behalf Of BR Martin

    Wonderful – a website for Geordie’s like me. Yes, I am a Geordie born and bred and now in the USA.

    I am looking for sheet music “Coming Home Newcastle” which was written by (I think Ronnie Lambert) and wondering where I can get it. Melody and lyrics – I can cope with chords.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    God Bless
    Br Martin
    Way ai man – you Canny Fine Fella!!!

    *posted from email contact form

  13. Syd

    Does anyone out there know where I can get me’ hands on copies of Ronnie Lambert’s music? I have one “Busker” cd with “I’m comin’ Home Newcastle” – “Wor lass” etc. but he sang more than just these famous ones. Any help would make me a very happy geordie. We owe it to Ronnie and ourselves to keep his music alive. He is a true Geordie hero and the definitive “bonnie lad”

    1. Kathleen

      Hi there. Was interested in your post last September which I’ve just seen. A few years ago when my cassette player finally packed up I got rid of all my cassettes -stupid move. Among them was one with Busker’s ‘Home Newcastle’, It also had Lindisfarne ‘Fog on the Tyne plus Adam Buckham, Lambton Worm, Wor Nanny’s a Mazer and others I can’t remember, but a real mixture of folk and rock. I was wondering if this is the same recording as the CD you mention or if not, if I could have the title of yours so that I can start hunting for it. The most annoying thing is that for the life of me I can’t remember the title. I’ve tried Amazon, Ebay and Music Stack but no use.

      Any help would be very welcome

      Kathleen Richmond

      1. Geordie H

        Sorry Kathleen & Syd … there used to be a website all about Ronnie ran by an old friend of his where you could buy & listen to excerpts of Busker’s music, it was called but it’s run by someone trying to sell the domain name now … I made the mistake of delaying the purchase of a CD until it was to late, maybe you will get lucky and one of our visitors can help. I’ll put a post to your comments on twitter.

  14. Spiritbody

    Billy Billy Stamper, stamp my hand. If you dont you’ll never be a man

  15. Jean Grey

    Does anybody know the rhyme, Billy Billy Stamper……. How does it go on? I am 79 so going back a long time!

  16. mandy snee


    Links to folk songs not working.



    1. Geordie H

      Thanks for the heads up Mandy :) … links to the lambton worm now fixed …

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