Geordie GEM’s

GEM-Nominations1The Geordie Empire Medal or GEM for short is an online medal which is given in recognition of a recipients service to either their local Geordie community and/or for enhancing the larger profile and reputation of Geordieland & Geordies around the world.

Geordie’s who are nominated and then accepted as a Geordie Gem will be awarded with an online Geordie Empire Medal, given in recognition of the recipients services to the people, towns & cities of the Geordie Nation as well as enhancing the profile and reputation of Geordies & the whole of Geordieland around the world.

The recipients will of course then be entitled to put the letters “GEM” after their name and of course refer to themselves as Geordie Gem.

The Geordie Empire Medal is inspired by the now defunct & snobby British Empire Medal which is no longer awarded to citizens in the UK, however, unlike the BEM, class or rank has absolutely no bearing on whether someone can be nominated.

It also makes no difference whether the nominated recipient is perceived as military class, upper class, middle class, working class, lower working class & naturally ( of course  😉 ) non working class because you can nominate who ever you wish to be considered for a GEM.

However, before we can award a Geordie Empire Medal we need you to nominate someone who you believe deserves one.

Geordie Empire Medal Awards

This section lists those who can officialy be called Geordie Gems by firstly being nominated for and then awarded a Geordie Empire Medal.   Catherine Cookson Dame of the British Empire DBE GEM – Literature Dr Keith Armstrong – GEM – Literature Leslie Cuthbertson GEM – Conspicuous Gallantry Sir Bobby Robson – GEM – Sport & …