Geordie & The Freeman Heart Surgeon

Based on a true story 😛

A Consultant Heart Surgeon at the Freeman Hospital arrives at Geordie’s bed & draws the curtain

“How are you doing Mr Smith?”, he asks Geordie

“Wey not to bad Doctor ye knaa, cannit grumble”

“Well I suppose you could Mr Smith, I have been looking at your latest test results and you have a tremedous amount of damage to the arteries supplying blood to your heart,  can I ask if you smoke?”

“Wey ah have a couple a day ye knaa, nee more than 2 packets of backy a week though”

“I see, and how long have you been smoking”, asked the consultant

“Wey about 60 years now like”, replied Geordie

“So you started when you were were about 1 then”  replied the consultant wryly

“Nah Man Doctor ye cheeky bugger ! … I was at least ten or eleven like” 🙁

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