Geordie Architecture

Geordie Architecture – The Changing Face Of Newcastle Upon Tyne & The Surrounding Areas

There are many examples of historic buildings and monuments that highlight the architectural heritage that is available in the Geordie capital city of Newcastle Upon Tyne as well as the towns and villages within just a few short miles of the city in Northumberland, Tyneside & Durham.

Geordies also take great pride in knowing that the world at large, takes an interest in the fact that they have so many different types of bridges spanning the river Tyne.

The most famous of the Tyne’s seven bridges is of course The Tyne Bridge which incidentally celebrated its eightieth birthday in 2008.

The reputation of the relatively new, but extremely impressive tilting Gateshead Millennium Bridge is also going from strength and in July 2008 there was for a short time an eighth bridge across the river Tyne with the erection (for 3 days only) of a bamboo bridge across the river.

Gateshead Millenium Bridge

In the year 2000 the floating crane, The Asian Hercules II carried the Millenium bridge from the AMEC yard at Howdon in Wallsend up the River Tyne to its permanent home at Gateshead Quayside.   The bridge built by Volker Stevin cost over £22m to build, which was part funded by both the Millennium Commission and …

The Get Carter Car Park Dissapears From The Gateshead Skyline

The Iconic Gateshead Car Park which was immortalised in the 1970s Michael Caine gangster film Get Carter has now disappeared entirely from the Geordie skyline. The long overdue demolition of this cult concrete building (some would say monstrosity) which came to be known as the “Get Carter Car Park”, marked the beginning of Gateshead town …

The Newcastle Grainger Market

Shoppers will be taken back in time as Newcastle’s Grainger market celebrates its 175th birthday with a week of themed events starting on Monday, 24 October 2010. Grainger market shoppers will be able to mingle with people dressed in Victorian period clothing including while the kids will have the opportunity to discover toys like a whip and top, …

The Tyne Bridge – Newcastle Upon Tyne

The Tyne Bridge famously arches over the river Tyne on Tyneside, linking Newcastle and Gateshead. This iconic Geordie symbol was officially opened in October 1928 by King George V and was designed by the same company who designed The Tyne Bridge was designed the Forth Road Bridge in Scotland. The bridges towers were originally designed to be used as warehouses with five storeys, however they …

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