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Geordie Communities – Going From Strength To Strength

geordielandbordersThe Geordie communities in the north east of England have had their fair share of problems over the years.

The closure of the coalmines and the demise of the north east’s fantastic ship building industry had a dramatic effect on the economy of the Geordie areas of Durham, Tyneside and  Northumberland.

When tough times arrive the Geordie people have always been able to show how resilient they can be and constantly prove that they can overcome any hurdles put in their way.

When jobs became hard to get, many Geordies decided to go and find work in different parts of the UK and in foreign climes. While many retrained for other types of work, managing to stabilise the local economy and keeping their own particular community alive.

As the famous Jarrow marchers once proved, when times get tough, Geordies have a famous history of acting in their communities common interest and despite all the pressures, still retain a strong sense of community no matter which part of the world they currently live in.


The following links (marked internal) will take you to a post showing recent photographs of the area listed in a slideshow format as well as a few facts and links to new and old posts about that particular community.

In other cases links will lead you to an *external site which we believe provides excellent information about the listed community.


*Please Note: Though external website links were initially verified by us to best describe that particular local community, the content may have been changed since.

Eventually we hope to be able to visit every part of Geordieland and bring you recent images from in and around that area. If you live in a local area featured in an area not listed below, then feel free to contact us (using our comments section) with a local site you feel is worthy of a link.

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Geordie Charities A-Z

Geordie Community Charities – Support Your Local Tyneside, Northumberland & Durham Charities If you want the help of or alternatively want to help a charity based in your local area then the details we highlight in the section will help you to make contact with your local charitable organisations. Perhaps your looking for ideas on who to support in …

Geordie Community Clubs & Organisations

Feed your passion and live life to the full In this section you will find links to the online gateways of  Geordie community clubs & organisations. This will allow you to  find the contacts you need to indulge your passion for your hobby or pastime in your own local land of the Geordies community. ———————————————————————————————- Please report …

Geordie Spaces

Geordie Spaces are aimed at members of the Geordie Websites Twitter Community who would like a little bit of free web space at in which they could run a blog or even just add more information about themselves You can set up your profile, upload your favourite pictures, blog about your Geodie life and begin to help …

Geordie Twitter Community

Not enough people who own or run websites, realise that the terms “Geordie” & “Geordieland” are obvious alternate keywords for people searching for information about the areas of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, Durham & Tyneside. Twitter has around 200 billion tweets per year, so, if you run a website or forum which is aimed at …

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