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twitter @geordiewebsitesWhen people search using the keyword terms Geordies & twitter they will find about 172,000 results, however, there are currently hardly any Geordie twitter profiles that will contain anywhere near that many Geordie followers ( @CherylCole & @antanddec are notable exceptions ) … why is this?

Well some more obvious reasons could be

1. Not enough websites built by people from the communities of Newcastle Upon Tyne & it’s surrounding areas of Northumberlan, Durham & Tyneside, realise that the terms “Geordie” & “Geordieland” are some of the more obvious keywords people search for information about these areas.

2. Twitter recently passed over 2 billion tweets, so if you run a website or forum which is aimed at people in any of the areas of Geordieland or indeed the rest of North East England, why would you not want a share of the SEO results which will inevitably point potential visitors in your direction.

3. When fellow Twitters come across a Geordie orientated twitter profile some obviously don’t realise that, apart from finding out about fellow Geordie Twits (:P), adding them to their “follow” list is also helping them to optimise their own websites search engine listings.

Any links which directly or indirectly link either to similar content or similar keywords (i.e newcastle, northumberland, durham, tyneside etc) areclassed as quality links for the purposes of search engine optimisation (SEO).


  1. darren

    would you check talk-of-the-toon.com for inclusion in your directory please?

    1. Geordie H

      I have started a new Geordie Sports section in order to accommodate your request Darren. You will find your listing in the brand new Geordie Sports Website, Forums & Blogs section. 🙂 hope that makes you happy 🙂

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