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Geordie Wannabe Pop Stars

The Geordie “Wannabe” Pop Stars section is a tribute to those Geordies who became famous for something else (usually football) and then decided, for one reason or another, to try to make it in the world of pop music.

This is not to cast aspersions on their ability (why would we?) .. it’s just a way of chronicling something some Geordie heroes did at a certain point in time.

All done in the best possible taste and with a tongue firmly implanted in the cheek 😛

Click the links in the following descriptions to view the various pop singer wannabees … Enjoy !!

  • First up is one of the most famous Geordies of all time, Gazza who entertained us with Fog on the Tyne & Geordie boys
  • Geordie Messiah, Mr Kevin Keegan who was “Head Over Heels In Love” in 1979.
  • Geordie born Chris Waddle takes us for a twirl along with ex England manager Glen Hoddle who were tripping the “Diamond Lights” fantastic.
  • Lastly is the debut single from one of the Geordie football’s adopted sons, Andy Cole, who was quite simply “Outstanding“ when he played for Newcastle United

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