Geordie Finishing School Starts On BBC3

A new programme starts on BBC3 called Geordie Finishing School For Girls The programme in which 4 privileged young ladies swap their affluent lives down south, for 10 days of living on the breadline in the newcastle.

Steph, Fi, Lucy and Fiona are posh and pampered with virtually no experience of life at the other end of the social spectrum come to Geordieland to discover what its like to live in Walker where unemployment is almost three times the national average and more than half its children are classed as living in poverty … watch the programme live now.

There will be 3 more episodes … more information here

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  1. I was disgusted by the way the people who wrote the script denegrated Walker. Many people in Walker work, live in nice houses and teach their children not to swear. I admit that lasses are becoming as potty mouthed as Geordie guys 🙂 but to insinuate that the whole of Walker is a crime ridden area that is unsafe to walk around or live is just a big fat lie !!

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