MTV Brings Reality TV To The Geordie Shores – Updates & Poll

Producers from MTV are making a new reality show set around the boozy nightspots of Newcastle Upon Tyne in Geordieland in a project called Geordie Shore, a British version of the US hit Jersey Shore.

They plan to move 12 Geordies including models, wannabe actors, budding singers and party girls who have never met before – into a house to live together in a programme entitled “Geordie Shore“.

Cameras will follow their every move as they get to know each other, go partying on Tyneside and struggle to get work after their nights out.

A spokesman said: “We want ­Newcastle’s hottest, funniest and fittest people for this exciting new show. “We want young folk who are proud of their Geordie roots, love to party, are good-looking, can turn heads and are up for a laugh.”

Casting for the show is taking place over the next two months with the show airing on MTV later this year.

We will of course add updates as and when the project gathers pace 🙂

Update 1: MTV Reveals Photos Of The House

Geordie Shore promises to show the rest of the country why Geordieland is the place to be, judging by the latest pictures of the place where the chosen Geordie lads “n” lasses are going to be staying … Check out the house!

Update 2: MTV Reveals The Cast –Check out the Geordie Shore cast

Update 3: Geordie Shore cast interviews now available to watch online …

Update 4: Episode 1 airs with mixed reviews on Tuesday the 24th of May 2011 at 10pm – Watch episode 1 in full

Update 5: Newcastle Central MP Chi Onwurah according to the Evening Chronicle, has described the show as “bordering on pornographic,” and announced she will be raising questions in Parliament about the issues raised by the programme.

MTV however has defended its controversial reality show and denies it shows Newcastle in a bad light.

Update 6: According to Digital Spy, Geordie Shore debuted with a solid 320k (1.8%) of the viewing public on MTV in the 10pm slot and become MTV’s (UK) highest rating hit in three years.

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    • Si on May 16, 2011 at 4:53 pm

    My only issue with this show is that it isn’t going to reprosent the real people of Newcastle. Instead we are to get a bunch of posh, stuck up, spoilt, attention seeking 20 something wanna-bes who will make Geordies look like complete and absolute idiots.

    There will be no realism to this at all; all we will see is a bunch of people going to expensive bars, dressing in expensive clothes, wearing the latest fashions, trying to talk posh and act like they famous.

    You only have to look at the promo-shots to see this.

    How about MTV does something intelligent and does a real, reality show thats based around NORMAL people, from normal backgrounds, showing them live normal, average lives in the North East?

    Instead they choose a group of individuals who are only after one thing… attention and being on tv, and this means they will over-act, over-compensate, over-play things, be over-dramatic and act in completely un-natural ways.

    I cant see this doing anything, except attracting MTV fanboys and fangirls to Newcastle in the hopes they get caught on camera.

    1. Which let’s face it, that is good for Newcastle & the wider geordie business community 🙂 . I also think that people like yourself will be able to keep people who are just getting to know the character of the real Geordie community, updated on the character of any so called “Plastic Geordies” 😀

    • Anthony Carbone on May 8, 2011 at 12:08 pm

    I have been to Newcastle and lots of other cities in Europe. Newcastle is fine for a night out if binge drinking and fighting is your thing.

    Do people actually go to spend the summer in Newcastle like they do in Jersey Shore?

    I don’t think so!

    1. You are wrong 🙂 … sorry

      The City of Newcastle Upon Tyne attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, your problem seems to be that your mind is fixed on just the City.

      Literally within just a few miles in any direction of the Newcastle city centre are huge tourist attractions that between them attract millions of visitors every year such as the world renowned Hadrians Wall for example.

      Let’s face it, the programme is not called Newcastle Shore … Instead it’s called Geordie Shore & Newcastle Upon Tyne is only one part of Geordieland.

      The Geordie Shores are a far larger area which include, newcastle upon tyne & gateshead, northumberland, tyneside, tynedale & hexham & the county of durham, which collectively attract millions of visitors every year 😀

    • Anthony Carbone on May 8, 2011 at 11:09 am

    Geordie Shore… What a rubbish idea (well it’s not really an idea is it? Just a lazy low budget rip-off).

    I love Jersey Shore but let’s face it these fat Geordie girls and dumb Geordie lads are NO comparison to their American counterparts.

    As for Newcastle being one of Europes top destinations… Please! I couldn’t stop laughing when I read that. Ha

    This show will appeal to those in Newcastle I’m sure. The rest of the world will think it is terrible. The adverts even make it look crap. I really like the way the producers of the show have tried to make Geordie Shore look exiting, new and unique. Ha ha ha

    Itt must be very easy working for MTV uk. Just copy copy copy

    1. Most ideas these days are copies of something, however the fact that they have chosen Newcastle is a brilliant idea.

      I “guess” your not from around Newcastle otherwise you would know how good a night out in Newcastle can be.

  1. Those worried that it will paint Newcastle in a bad light need to realise that Newcastle is one of the top european destinations for a night out and people are well used to seeing our Geordie lasses “n” lads having a good night out..

    Tens of Thousands of visitors come and stay in Newcastle for Stag & Hen nights and realise it is a very welcoming place to come to.

    Many then come back again for longer holidays contributing greatly to the local economy. This can only help that market grow 🙂

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