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The Land Of The Geordies

The Land Of The Geordies

In this section we intend to help you get a better insight into the language, accent and character of the Geordie people.

The Geordie nickname originates from and is used to describe people from the north east of England, specifically people from the areas of North And South Tyneside, Northumberland (which includes Tynedale and Hexham) and the mainly western areas of County Durham.

The terms Geordie or Geordie’s “probably” originated from the fact that the miners in the north east coalfields used George Stephenson’s safety lamps to prevent underground explosions, rather than the Davey lamp which was more commonplace.

If that’s true then maybe Geordies have George Stephenson to thank for not having the nickname “Davies”.

The term Geordie also used to cover many of the people living in the North East England areas of Sunderland, Middlesbrough & East Durham, however, this seems to have been usurped by a vociferous minority of people (mainly football supporters) in these areas, who seem to prefer that people living in their area should be recognised as Mackems or Smoggies.

In reality the origin of the term Geordie is a bit of a moot point because wherever the collective term for the north east people originated, what can not be disputed is that true Geordies are very proud of the nickname no matter where they live.




Geordie History

The Past, The Present & The Future Of Geordieland The history of the Tyneside, Durham and Northumbrian people can easily be traced back to the times of the Roman Emperor Hadrian who gave the order that a remarkable 73 miles long wall should be built in order to keep the ancient marauding tribes of Scots out …

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How To Speak Like A Geordie

To understand the Geordie people you need to understand their dialect and while many Geordie’s speak in a way most people can understand, the accent is peppered with many colloquialisms or “slang” words. The following excellent video, celebrates Scott Jobsons book “Larn Yersel’ Geordie” and gives great insight into this and can act as a crash course …

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The Geordie Accent – I’m A Geordie But Am Still British

Everyone in Geordieland must have read about the fact that Heaton lass & Geordie Icon Cheryl (formerly known as Cole) nee Tweedy ( aka: Cheryl Ann Fernandez-Versini) (aka: Cheryl) ( 😛 ) was “let go” from the American version of X Factor because American audiences could or would not be able to understand her Geordie accent. “made even more unpalatable …

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  1. wayne towers

    na na geordies are called geordies beacause we were the people who helped king george defete the jocks hence the name geordies

    1. Geordie Directory

      That’s one of the most romantic theories wayne, which could be the right one 🙂

      p.s your twittermagpies321 link doesn’t work …

  2. frank robertson

    I am looking for geordie ex pat club in dubai, any one any ideas.

    1. Geordie Directory

      We don’t but the following link might help – Re: Geordies In Dubai

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