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How To Speak Like A Geordie

To understand the Geordie people you need to understand their dialect and while many Geordie’s speak in a way most people can understand, the accent is peppered with many colloquialisms or “slang” words.

The following excellent video, celebrates Scott Jobsons book “Larn Yersel’ Geordie” and gives great insight into this and can act as a crash course in finding out how to speak Geordie.


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    • Geordie H on December 4, 2014 at 6:22 pm

    On Behalf Of Jo who added this “query” to the contact us section when obviously 😛 … it should have been added here 😀

    Hi, I’m doing an essay on a non-standard English phrase and I have decided on ‘Howay man’. I understand it means a term of encouragement, but I was interested to find out where the actual word comes from. Is it a variation of ‘away’ as in ‘away with you’. Please help if you can.

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