Gosforth, Newcastle Upon Tyne – Photo Slideshow

Gosforth is situated to the north of Newcastle Upon Tyne and has been part of the City of Newcastle Upon Tyne Metropolitan Borough Council since 1974.

Most of the High Street architecture dates from that latter part of the 19th century. At the far end of Gosforth behind the Gosforth Shopping Centre & the Job Pulman public house is Gosforth Park.

The origin of Gosforth’s name is thought to have come from “Gese Ford” which means “the ford over the Ouse”, referring to a crossing over the local River Ouse, however some people think that it comes from the Old English name Gosaford meaning a ford where geese dwell first mentioned in 1166, however, South Gosforth dates back to 1319, where it was noted that the English Army retreated to after a siege on Berwick.

The following slide-show aims to provide you with photos of Gosforth which will be updated over time.

Photos will be constantly added to the slide-show.

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