Graffiti Art In Gateshead

Exhibition at the Baltic Centre on the Gateshead side of the Newcastle quayside which allowed graffiti artists to show their talents to the Geordie public.


  1. Ellie

    Hello I am a support worker and a lad I support is really wanting to graffiti a part of a wall legally. He says there is still a place this can be done in gateshead quayside. Please can you lead me in the right direction so I can try my best to fullfil his interests. Or If this no longer anything similar somewhere he could do or any groups he could go to. I would love to hear back from you asap, Thankyou very much. Ellie Mackie

    1. Geordie H

      Hi Ellie that’s my day job too … let me get back to you when/if I find something, or you get back to me if you do geordie@howaythelads.com

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