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william jobling gibbetThe Past, The Present & The Future Of Geordieland

The history of the Tyneside, Durham, Northumbrian and wider North East people can easily be traced back to the times of the Roman Emperor Hadrian who gave the order that a remarkable 73 miles long wall should be built in order to keep the ancient marauding tribes of Scots out of Great Britain.

This historic world famous fortification, now simply known as Hadrian’s Wall, stretches from the small Geordie town of Wallsend on the banks of the river Tyne, through the magnificent countryside of Northumberland to the Solway Firth in Cumbria which forms a natural border with Scotland.

In this segment of the Geordie website directory, we will highlight some of what we consider to be the best historical Geordie websites.

Simply click underlined links to find out all you need to know about the history and background of what is “now” proudly known as Geordieland.

The documentary below introduces an excellent insight into Geordie history and graphically shows the changes and history of the North east of England from the borders of Scotland through to Durham and on to the borders of Yorkshire.

Who Are Geordies?


Take a virtual tour of Beamish open air museum in County Durham which gives a taste of how Geordieland’s second city Durham, must have looked around 100 years ago circa 1913.



  Find Out About Historic Alnwick Castle

  A Concise History Of Hadrian’s Wall


An informative north east history website with historic information dating way back to the tribal Brigantes who colonised the area back in 46AD – (Be back soon)

A tradition of Geordie folk songs stretches back centuries and keeps the history of the Geordie people fresh in our minds.

We Will Remember Them – Geordie Monuments

Geordie’s absolutely treasure their cultural past which can be seen by the many statues and monuments erected around the City of Newcastle Upon Tyne and it’s surrounding towns & villages. They love to celebrate and remember the good deeds done by so many of the heroic Geordies who sacrificed their lives, to help secure the future …

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