How To Tell If You’re A Geordie

british_by_birth_geordie_by_grace_of_godYou know your a Geordie if





  1. The metro is both a train & somewhere where you buy stuff
  2. You used to or still do pray to the Gods Shearer, Keegan & Robson
  3. You often end some of your sentences with “man” or “like”
  4. You’re not taking the mickey when you say “Why Aye Man”
  5. If your a lass Cheryl Cole is your idol and if your a lad you think “she’s alreet her like”
  6. If your under 35 Alan Shearer was your idol when you were growing up
  7. You often buy a Greggs pastie for your breakfast or dinner
  8. You don’t wear a coat to go out clubbing in the toon (Newcastle) even if it’s snowing or raining
  9. You know  the word “Canny” has more than one meaning
  10. You love Chip Stotties
  11. If your a girl you sometimes drink pints through a straw
  12. Ganning clubbing in South Shields makes a refreshing change
  13. You visit the Tynemouth Sea Life Centre at least once a year
  14. Your mam or dad used to party on the Tuxedo Princess
  15. You order gravy with your chips and nobody thinks it’s weird
  16. Banter means you can totally slag someone off but no-ones allowed to get upset
  17. It’s normal for you to say “Ye Alreet” to everyone (even strangers)
  18. Unlike the rest of the UK you know the difference between Geordies, Mackems & Smoggies
  19. ?
  20. ?



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    • Wesley Scaife on June 26, 2014 at 1:59 pm
    • Reply

    Christmas season officially begins when Fenwicks unveil there window

    You know Newcastle and Gateshead are different places & it is NOT “NewcastleGateshead”

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