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Serving in the armed forces is a noble and honourable sacrifice made by men and women on this country.

The United Kingdom does its best to take care of their military personnel both active duty and veterans. However, sometimes while in the service of the military, a soldier can sustain injury.

These injuries may occur while they are on official duty or off of duty. Regardless of when  the injury happens, there can be a great deal of emotional strife as well as physical pain that goes along with this injury. Issues of how this will affect one’s career in the military as well as the implication for supporting one’s family all arise.

If military service personnel are injured while serving in the military they could be eligible to file armed forces compensation claims and the Newcastle branch of the Irwin Mitchell law firm can provide clients with guidance in this area.

As a whole, Irwin Mitchell has a long and successful history of filing claims on behalf of military personnel in order to receive compensation and the solicitors that make up the Newcastle office have experience in this area.

Many of the solicitors have also served in the military bringing this experience with them to the table when practicing this type of law. Irwin Mitchell also consults with retired military that can provide further advice because making compensation claims for military injuries can be rather complicated and will require the services of a solicitor. It doesn’t matter which branch of the service you were enlisted,  Army, Royal Air Force or Royal Navy, the Newcastle legal team can help.

Injuries that can be entitled to compensation include accidents involving road traffic, aircraft, equipment failure, explosives, firearms, training, parachuting and fast roping. If you are a member of the armed forces and you’ve been injured, a    consultation with a solicitor from Irwin Mitchell can help provide you with advice as to how to proceed.

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