Jimmy Nail, Geordie Singer, Songwriter & Actor Sings Big River

Jimmy Nail is one of Geordieland’s best known sons and is famous not only for his acting but his music.

An all round Geordie entertainer, Jimmy who was born in benton near the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne now lives in America. Jimmy however has never lost track of his roots and though he has released a number of songs during his long career, one of the songs that stands out as a tribute to his roots is the classic “Big River”.

Based on the history of the river Tyne stretching from the seven bridges over the Tyne in Newcastle down to Tynemouth and South Shields on the North East coast, the song also chronicles his hopes for the future of the shipyards which built so many historic ships on this deceptively “big river”.



    • Chris Howard on February 13, 2015 at 9:38 am

    Dear Jim; I would dearly like to include some of the words to ‘Crocodile Shoes’ in a forthcoming novel. I’m not too sure why I picked this particular song, but to avoid any necessary plagiarism I’d certainly like consent before it goes to print.
    Of course transcripts of the novel can be sent or indeed the whole manuscript can be downloaded with a secure link.
    Many thanks;

    Christopher E. Howard

    • Mark Banks on October 24, 2014 at 5:48 am

    Dear Jimmy Nail,

    For years I have enjoyed your acting and singing.

    I have spent most of 2014 in deep depression. I just wanted to know if i could cover your 1994/1995 hit crocodile shoes because not only is it a brilliant record it’s got a story for me of months worth of depression and if it makes it big on youtube I am willing to give you some of the royalties for me using your record.

    I have got a youtube channel. My name is Mark Banks, I am 30 years old with a form of autism called asperger’s syndrome. One of my main hobbies in life is i would like to make it as a TV and film scriptwriter.

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