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    • Rob MacGowan on July 26, 2014 at 2:39 pm
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    Geordies and the North East have a lot to be very proud of, the list is too long to even start but as the Commonwealth Games are under way, just look at the number of world class sportsmen and women who have originated in the area, a massive number over the years compared to the size of the region.

    The political and geographical disadvantages which have held back general financial success since the demise of heavy industry have obviously contributed to the building true Geordie grit and competitiveness.

    One thing however, seriously lets us down in the eyes of the whole world which is that the North East, a relatively small area of the country, is yet again recorded as the worst place in Britain for animal cruelty.

    There is no excuse for it. Animal cruelty is perpetuated by little people who want to be tough but can only manage to be tough on innocent, defenceless animals, or brainless, lazy slobs who can’t be bothered getting out of bed except on benefits payout day. Our record makes us look like a bunch of pathetic, mindless and gutless yobs who deserve to be looked down upon by the rest of the country, and believe we are looked down upon.

    If you seriously want to improve the worldwide image of Geordieland, do not tolerate the atrocious pain and cruelty suffered by pets and other animals in this part of the world.

    If you even suspect anyone of animal cruelty, report the matter immediately to the RSPCA on: 0300 1234999. Trust me, they will respond and they will not implicate you in the matter, you can remain anonymous. Just do it. Rob

      • Rob MacGowan on July 26, 2014 at 2:44 pm
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      Don’t ‘moderate’ too much or there won’t be any point

      1. I only moderate spam or obviously threatening messages Rob. If I let all the comments through, I promise, you would see the point of moderating the comments :O .. thanks for the advice and checking out the Geordie Directory though 🙂

    • Mecannylad on February 20, 2012 at 5:34 pm
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    Hello there ! I`m an old new exiled Geordie blogger – or should that be a new old exiled Geordie blogger ?! 

    I am looking for a leg-up and hope you can kindly help by giving my blog a mention through your directory.

    carries fond memories from the cobbled back lanes of 1960`s Tyneside, remembering when a Big Mac was nothing more than a raincoat, a joint was only the Sunday roast and when going all the way was simply staying on the bus until Byker Depot.

    Can a dyed -in-the-wool exiled old Geordie hack it in the bracing air of the fabulous Peak District? Can he survive amongst the farming set and their prize winning friesians? … Or is he just another Geordie Townie on a collision course with the countryside?

    A new post every day ….. Outrageously flippant; gloriously nostalgic, absurdly irreverent; 100% Geordie humour.

    1. Hello back to you 🙂 … Always happy to give a fellow Geordie a leg up!

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