A Geordie TV Channel Is On It’s Way

madeintyneandwearlogoMade TV Ltd have announced that they have been awarded the Local TV Licence for the Newcastle area by Ofcom today to launch Made in Tyne & Wear, a local television station for Tyne & Wear that aims to be on air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

This new and innovative broadcasting company aims to offer an hour of live news every night, as well as programmes on current affairs, arts and culture, entertainment, music, property, sports and much more, from in and around the areas covering, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Durham, Wearside & Northumberland on either Freeview ( check out channel 8 on Freeview) or Sky TV.

Though we had the idea for a Geordie TV channel a few years ago and we naturally regret not being able to bring our own independent local TV station to the Geordie masses, we wholeheartedly voice our support to a company that has taken the plunge as well as having the money to spend to show Geordieland at its best 😀

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