The Horrid Story Of William Jobling

Gaslight Pub Marker

An innocuous corner just east of the Jarrow side of the Tyne pedestrian tunnel is where you will find a small stone monument marking where the Gaslight public house formerly stood.

The Gaslight,  known also as the Commercial was once one of the oldest pubs in Jarrow and legend has it where the body of William Jobling, one of the last men to be horribly hung and gibbeted in England was brought to soon after his barbaric death.

His battered and disfigured body was then quickly buried in a secret grave by his family who wanted to prevent the authorities putting his bloodied corpse back in the cage.


The trial and sentence unfortunately took place during a miners strike that was being ruthlessly dealt with by the authorities of the time and striking miners were being thrown out of their homes by troops and so called special constables.

Willam Jobling had approached the the Magistrate and begged for money, but his request was ignored and Jobling’s companion at the time, suddenly attacked the Magistrate with a stick and a stone before running off.

Instead of stopping to aid the Magistrate, Jobling, who naturally feared getting the blame for the attack also ran off, but was captured by police on a South shields beach a few hours later.

Finding Jobling guilty of the crime, the judge sitting at a court in South Shields stated that the public execution and gibbeting of Jobling should serve as an example to others of “his like”.

Although Jobling was not the actual killer, his gruesome fate was sealed because he was present at the time of the attack ( guilt by association ), while Ralph Armstrong was never put on trial for killing the town Magistrate.

Not far from this former public house is Jarrow Slake ( jarrow’s lake), near Tyne Dock, where Jobling was hung and gibbeted in 1832, for his part in the death of the local Magistrate Nicholas Fairless, after (in Joblings version of events) the sudden unplanned attack by the actual perpetrator, Ralph Armstrong.

Entrance to Jarrow Slake In The Port Of Tyne, Jarrow

Entrance to Jarrow Slake In The Port Of Tyne, Jarrow

It has been said by Jarrow and South Shields locals that Jobbing’s ghost is still walking around the area of “Jarrow Slake” protesting his innocence to any person or persons who may deem themselves  brave enough to stop and listen.

The Durham City Lumiere Festival

A four day festival once again lit up the city of Durham, bringing a little early winter magic to the people of Durham.

The Lumiere light show returned between the 12th and 15th of November 2015 to light up the streets, waterways & historic medieval buildings of Geordieland’s historic 2nd city & its famous cathedral.

Over the four days of the festival highlighted a raft of international, national, and local Geordie artists who created a breathtaking series of art installations, illuminations and performances to the delight of locals & visitors alike … more information

The following video shows images from the 2015 festival

2015 Blaydon Race Hailed A Success

Iconic Blaydon Races

Click here to discover the history of the iconic Blaydon Race

Thousands of Geordie’s took part in Geordieland’s 2nd most iconic road race this week as the famous road race yet again took place on the 9th of June.

Naturally, this long running and historic race was started in the heart of the Geordie City of Newcastle Upon Tyne, before following the road along Scotswood Road, crossing the River Tyne via Scotswood Bridge, before finishing in playing fields near Blaydon town centre.

Many thousands of keen Geordie runners, represented local running clubs along with others from the local community and elsewhere.

The local charity Smile for life, sponsored this years iconic Blaydon Races.

South Shields Sand Dancer Painting

Painting of a Sand dancer near the Groyne In South Shields

Painting of a Sand dancer on little haven beach near the Groyne at the mouth of the Tyne in South Shields

A recent post on Facebook, about the sale of a painting which features a Tyneside sand dancer and his dog, on little haven beach in view of the iconic Groyne lighthouse in South Shields, has got us thinking about adding a new feature to our Geordie art & culture section.

The new section will feature paintings and/or links to paintings by local artists, whether they are for sale or not :).

Thanks for introducing us to your painting Julie Stubbs and hopefully you will soon add to our planned new section.

In the meantime if you are a local Geordie artist and would like to have your own painting featured in our planned new Geordie paintings section, please make contact and we will soon make it happen.

Watch this space for updates 🙂

Original facebook post re-posted by Howay Lads & Lasses on Tuesday, 19 May 2015

John Alder Football Memorabilia Auction

tributestflowersjamesparkThis weekend sees the poignant viewing and auction of the massive amount of football memorabilia collected by lifelong Newcastle United fan John Alder,.

John a fervent collector of football related paraphernalia throughout the years he supported his beloved Newcastle and fellow avid Newcastle United fan Liam Sweeney were killed during the deliberate shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on 17 July 2014.

His family now hope the auction of his massive collection will raise many thousands of pounds in aid of the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation which was always a charity close to John’s heart.

The auction takes place ONLINE and at St James Park on Sunday 22nd February 2015 with viewing of the items available at NEWCASTLE UNITED FOOTBALL STADIUM

Saturday, 21st February – 10-4pm

Sunday, 22nd February – 10-12 noon

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