Souter Lighthouse In South Shields

Souters Lighthouse FoghornA few years ago members of the public were able to stand on the cliff-tops in South Tyneside and witness a fantastic and original musical performance that brought to an end the use of the famous foghorn at Souters Lighthouse.

The Foghorn Requiem by artists Lise Autogena and Joshua Portway celebrated the departure of the foghorn from the coastal landscape with an original music performance involving around 50 ships positioned offshore of the Souter Lighthouse Foghorn and musicians onshore at the lighthouse.


The technology used was adapted & developed by the artists so that sounds coming miles away from the ships horns became part of a musical performance composed by celebrated British composer Orlando Gough.

The performance, embraced the idea of a requiem for a sea-faring culture and will be a final farewell to the familiar sound of the Foghorn and a celebration of the people and way of life it represents.

The lighthouse and foghorn is located on Lizard Point at Marsden in South Tyneside, but takes its name from Souter Point, which is located a mile to the south just before you leave South Shields & enter Whitburn.

The Lighthouse was opened in 1871 and was built due to the extremely dangerous reefs directly under the water in the surrounding coastline.

The coastline around the coastline between the river Tyne and river Tees is the most dangerous around the British Isles with 43.8 shipwrecks per mile … source

The following photo slideshow shows some photographs of the Souter lighthouse, foghorn and grounds.

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