Geordie Sports

This section of the geordie website directory will provide information about Geordie sporting heroes, sporting institutions, sports videos and sporting events.

We genuinely hope that the examples and information that is available in our sporting sections will perhaps spur a new generation of Geordie sports stars who can further enhance the excellent reputation of Geordie sportsmen and women in future world class tournaments.

Our various sports pages which will link you to information & links about our most famous boxers, cricketers, swimmers, runners, footballers and other sportsmen & women who have done well in their particular sport.

The links are normally laid out in a A-Z format for your convenience and the sections will continue be updated on a regular basis as we discover more Geordie sports orientated websites, web links and video clips showing Geordie men & women who are or have succeeded in their respective sports.

Dont forget that apart from the sports sections listed below we also have our Geordie Sports TV Channel.

The success of the Great North Run from Newcastle to South Shields, where participation has reached over a million, helps strengthen the fact that Geordies continue to have a passion for taking part in sport as well as watching and naturally we will also add posts about our own world renowned race as it continues to progress through the years to come.


Geordie Sports Stars A-Z

Simply click on the icons shown alongside the name of the Geordie sportsmen or sportswomen The media ( ) icon takes you to a concise description & a link to a video clip and the search ( ) icon takes you to either a fuller biography section or an external link to more detailed information …

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Geordie Football Legends

Geordies love their football legends, so obviously we needed to honour them with their own section. As we find more  football related video links to decent video footage of Geordie football legends, we will place them in our football legends section. Let us know who else you think should be in this group and whether you …

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Geordie Sporting Legends

Geordie Sporting Legends Brendan Foster, Steve Cram, Joanne Conway, Steve Harmison, Mike McLeod, Chris Cook & Katherine Sarah Copeland In this section of the Geordie website directory we will provide you with information about Geordie sports stars & legends. The featured Geordie sports stars have managed to reach the top level of their particular sport, whether that is …

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Geordie Sports Clubs, Institutions & Organisations

Welcome to our Geordie Sports Clubs, Institutions And Organisations Section. From here you can link to sports clubs and associations in based in the North & South Tyneside, Northumberland, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Gateshead, County Durham, Tynedale and Hexham areas. If you have a website that promotes a sports organisation in the following areas and would …

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Football Forums & Blog Links

This page will do all it can to link you to local Football Forums & Blog related websites that have requested a link from the directory using the comment box below. ( Reciprocal links would of course be appreciated 🙂 ) Please read our links compliancy section before requesting/adding a link Scroll down to see current football …

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