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Geordie & The Freeman Heart Surgeon

Based on a true story ūüėõ A Consultant Heart Surgeon at the Freeman Hospital arrives at Geordie’s¬†bed & draws the curtain “How are you doing Mr Smith?”, he asks Geordie “Wey not to bad Doctor ye knaa, cannit grumble” “Well I suppose you could Mr Smith, I have been looking at your latest test results …

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A Great Big Thank You To All The Staff Of North Tyneside General & Freeman Hospital

A few of you might have noticed that I have not been around and updating the¬†directory since the start of 2012 ans¬†as often as i¬†usually do. This is because I recently needed to get a bit of emergency care at¬†North Tyneside General Hospital¬†& then¬†some surgery at¬†Freeman Hospital in Newcastle. I would like to take the …

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