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Geordie Girls Are More Fun – Warning – Blatant Geordie Humour May Offend !!

A Pregnant Geordie lass goes into a shoe shop and asks for help from the assistant, who get’s much more than she bargained for 😀

Spice Girl Emma Bunton Tries To Do A Geordie Accent

Spice girl Emma Bunton tries to copy Cheryl Cole in a Geordie accent in the following video

Geordie Georgie – A Canny Lass

Catherine Tate Mimics The Geordie Accent One of the funniest Geordie caricatures has to be that of Geordie Georgie as portrayed by Catherine Tate.

How To Tell If You’re A Geordie

You know your a Geordie if         The metro is both a train & somewhere where you buy stuff You used to or still do pray to the Gods Shearer, Keegan & Robson You often end some of your sentences with “man” or “like” You’re not taking the mickey when you say “Why Aye Man” If your a lass Cheryl …

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Geordie Bin Laden Living Alright

Even Osama Bin Laden isn’t safe from Geordie satirists In the following video he appears to be safe and well and letting us all know he is “Living Alright” by singing the Geordie song we all know so well from Auf Wiedersehen Pet.

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