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Geordie Youth Start The New Jarrow March

A group of young unemployed Geordies set out on a walk from Tyneside to London in a recreation of the Original Jarrow March. The original march took place in 1936 when 200 jobless  Geordie men marched on the government with a 12,000-name petition calling for employment help. Some of their great-grandchildren were among those taking part in the …

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The Jarrow March – C’mon Follow the Geordie Boys

The 1930’s depression brought major unemployment to the north east, causing great hardship and even starvation, to out of work miners, ship workers and their families. In a courageous but as it turned out vain attempt to bring an end to this hardship, 200 men with no food or money started a long and arduous 280 mile, 22 day walk from …

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