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Scientists Find A Giant Hot Water Lake 2000M Below The City Of Newcastle

Scientists in Newcastle City Centre who have been drilling a borehole down into the earth for months, have finally found a lake of hot water thousands of metres below the streets of Newcastle in the shadow of St James Park between Diana Street & Wellington Street. Engineers have also unearthed some 300 million-year-old fossils over 1,000 metres below …

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Newcastle Universities New Students Union Building

The Newcastle Universities Students’ Union is current undergoing an £8 million redevelopment project (the money was donated to the union by the University) which aims to improve the services and facilities available to all future and current university students. The transformation is starting to take shape, as can be seen by the following photographs and it’s hoped that the improvements will significantly improve the …

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A Walk From Newcastle Quayside Up Through To The Civic Centre

A short youtube video put together from photographs taken during of walk through from the Newcastle Quayside up through to the Haymarket at the top of Northumberland Street in the spring of 2011.

Field Of Jeans On Show At Newcastle University

One of many art pieces on public show in Newcastle Upon Tyne comes courtesy of a Newcastle University project. According to the artist, the Generation 3 art intervention illustrates ideas behind the pioneering research project Catalytic Clothing, which explores and introduces the idea that everyday clothing and textiles can purify the air we breathe 😀