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Big River Big Songs – The Tyne

Jimmy Nail, Sting, Mark Knopfler, Joe McElderry, Jill Halfpenny, Lindisfarne, Tim Healy, Alun Armstrong, Kevin Whately, Brian Johnson, Billy Mitchell, Denise Welch, Angie Lonsdale, Chelsea Halfpenny and many more have come together to give their fellow Geordies a rare treat with a fantastic music album. The album features a good mix of songs well recorded in a variety …

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Auf Wiedersehen Pet – That’s Living All Right

Auf Wiedersehen Pet first touched our  Geordie humour receptors (and that of many others) when it appeared on TV screens in 1983. It made household stars of Geordies Jimmy Nail, Kevin Whately (aka Lewis) and Tim Healy as the 3 main Geordie characters of Dennis, Oz & Neville. The series was co-written by  Geordie writer …

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